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Get residential landscaping work professionally done for your Salt Lake City home

Upgrade the way your home presents itself

When visitors come to your home, one of their first impressions is the state of your landscaping. If you want to change how your front or back yard is perceived by visitors, look to the experts at Sunscape. We can turn any yard into a striking oasis, perfect for entertaining or just lounging on you porch during a warm summer evening. While we also specialize in residential yard work in Utah, our professional services turn heads and leave our customers completely satisfied. We have been specializing in Salt Lake City landscaping since 2005. During our eight years of doing residential yard work and landscaping, we have established ourselves as a company that holds excellence, quality, and customization to the highest standard.

Our results are always stunning and professional

When it comes to landscaping with Sunscape, the sky is the limit. Along with residential yard work in Utah, we also offer a wide-range of outdoor services to help our customers achieve the backyard and front yard they imagined. From residential landscape design and installation to playground areas and general maintenance, we are confident that we can meet any need you might have for the outdoor areas of your home. When you hire us for your residential yard work, we will take care of your yard as if it were our own. This means that we will always complete the landscaping job with impeccable skill and precision, leaving the yard of your home looking like a masterpiece.

We pride ourselves on being a cost-effective choice

Salt Lake City weather can be harsh on your landscaping. One minute it might be snowing, and the next you feel like your vegetation will suffer from a drought. With such a temperamental climate, getting residential yard work done on your home in Utah may seem like it's not a worthwhile investment, and many people that want to keep their front and back yards looking great in Salt Lake City all year round are discouraged by the high cost of some landscaping services. At Sunscape Landscape, we will take care of all of your residential yard work for a low cost. If you live in Utah and would rather not spend your weekends out trimming bushes, we will take over the job at an affordable rate.